Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Who is behind the "Doubting Dean? Vote Kerry" Signs

This evening I stopped to take a closer look at the signs mentioned
earlier today. The little tiny print says "Paid for and authorized by
IAFF FIREPAC. Not authorized by any candidate or committee".

Not surprisingly when John Kerry was at the Merrimack VFW, there a
large presence of firefighter union members.

The 'Doubting Dean? Vote Kerry" signs in Merrimack, NH closeup (20 Jan 2004)

The 'Doubting Dean? Vote Kerry" signs in Merrimack, NH (20 Jan 2004)

Search some one the IAFF, vis
it their FIREPAC part
of the IAFF website. I've not found
too much on the PACs section of
opensecrets.org, but surely
there is some info there as well. The Center for Public
(never heard of them, main site is here), has some basic
info about the IAFF FirePAC