Monday, January 19, 2004

Visited John Edwards' Manchester, NH headquarters today

Wendy and I were up in Manchester today and stopped in to pick up some
yard signs, video/DVDs, etc. The noon-time tracking polls had Edwards
in 3rd in Iowa and Sarah and company were getting ready for a while
ride starting tomorrow. There was a camera crew there getting some
background videos of the staffs too. I don't think were where in any
of the shots (didn't want to) but if you see a bright yellow Colombia
winter jacket, that is Wendy.

It is 9:45 and CNN is predicting 38% Kerry, 32% Edwards and Dean a
distant 18%!

If Edwards does well in New Hampshire next week, she may be going down
to Boston for the DNC nominating convention and she will be unbearable
to live with ;-) ;-) ;-)